THIS is the day; Choosing to Rejoice

The year was 1964.  My mother sat in the waiting room outside intensive care, a coast away from the rest of  the family.  She did not know whether her 21 year old son, in critical condition, would survive the head injury sustained in a car accident.  Hours stretched into days as an untenable future loomed. ... Continue Reading →


In the Beatitudes, Jesus tells us how to live a happy life.  This is not the stuff you will find on the bookshelf of best sellers at O'Hare airport.  The Beatitudes challenge the current self-help mega industry offering counter-cultural concepts that may take you by surprise. Blessed are the poor in spirit.  Blessed are the... Continue Reading →

Even Though’s and Yet’s

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...   Even though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea... Even though a host encamp against me... OK, I am not keen on ANY of these circumstances befalling ANY of us. And I am certainly opposed to being thrown into a... Continue Reading →

The Allure of “Big Things”

In our younger years we imagine Big Things. Publishing a book - followed by a book tour.  Securing promotions and sizable salaries. Becoming competent in a field with initials after our name.  Alleviating poverty, improving literacy, advocating  for the downtrodden.  Magnificent marriages and perfect parenting  -- our children "rising up and calling us blessed" (a... Continue Reading →

What’s in YOUR narrative?

Mine is the woulda-coulda-shoulda variety that blares its voice at 4AM, revisiting the previous day.  And it's not congratulatory. You should have handled that conversation better.  You should have spoken up at that meeting.  Remember that Ben & Jerry's you devoured at 10pm?  Your arm flab has a life of its own. (Your accommodating narrative provides... Continue Reading →

I’ll be happy when…

A few admissions -- I buy Target jeans and shoes - knowing full well I will return them the following week.  Why?  There is a twinge of pleasure in the purchase.  There's even some satisfaction in the refund - as if I have somehow made money. I am a manic jogger not for health benefits... Continue Reading →

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