At the Podium

My palms were sweaty.  I stumbled on words, restarting sentences. I paced the basement floor. Codie, our affable golden retriever, glanced up from her morning nap, clearly annoyed. If this is how nervous I am within the four walls of my house, how on earth am I going to pull off a speech in the... Continue Reading →

Encouragement Verses

My niece is sending the following verses to her son as he embarks on his Ranger training in rural Georgia. We may not be facing Ranger-like tests, but when we grow faint-hearted, weary, tired, may these promises bring us hope and encouragement. "Do you not know? Have you not heard that the Lord, the everlasting... Continue Reading →

Living Bigger

"I think I ruined my friend's retirement plan," the speaker joked.   "My friend had been aggressively planning for the day when he could quit his job and do nothing but play golf.  Now, I love golf.  But how much golf can you actually play?  I decided to challenge his plan.  So, when you get to Heaven,... Continue Reading →

A Prayer Game Changer

In the midst of praying, a voice murmurs, "Really, now... you actually believe God cares about THIS? And really, now, has God truly forgiven you for THAT?"   My prayers seem to bounce off the ceiling. One would think I could squelch this voice - being a decades long follower of Jesus. Lately, however, I've discovered... Continue Reading →

The Myth of the Easy Life

Things I try to avoid --  public speaking, mingling at a work-related social gathering, introducing people to each another (when the name of your best friend of 30 years inexplicably flees from your brain).  Team building, role-playing, and of course, karaoke. I admit it.  I want an Easy Life. A fulfilling job with moderate stress.... Continue Reading →

Calling All Introverts

I am an introvert.  Shy from day one.  An 8th grade report card said I was an "enigma" - which I had to look up  (not  a compliment).  If class participation was factored into a grade, I was destined for C's. As functioning adults, we introverts don't have the option of being selectively mute. Our... Continue Reading →

Wine Glass Confessions

It seems there's now a Hallmark section devoted to women and wine.  You've seen them.  A Donna Reed type in pearls or a mom with a stroller -- either covertly drinking or clutching an urn like wine glass.  I was recently given a pair of socks with the caption, "If you can read this, bring... Continue Reading →


I used to teach first grade Sunday school with an elderly man named Mr. Chang who really should have been assigned to a room with his contemporaries.  He was gruff, gray, and used a cane.  He viewed crayons, stickers, and glitter pens as superfluous.  And when he gave his mini-lessons, there was nothing mini about... Continue Reading →


I've been in a forced-still state going on 4 weeks.  Nothing serious.  Just the result of being a certain age and having a certain something removed.  My major adventures have been washing my hair and looking out windows a la Jimmy Stewart.  I don't do Still well. I am a type A control freak with... Continue Reading →

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