God’s Marching Orders

Cheryl (pseudonym) and I glanced at the wall clock in the Sunday School room. Fifteen minutes to go until the parents would return and retrieve their charges. In toddler time, that can feel like fifteen hours. We had completed our story time, our snack, our singing and free play. The craft was done and the... Continue Reading →


My one year old granddaughter raised herself to a standing position in her crib and uttered the sweetest two syllables a father could hear, "Da-Da!" "What did you say?" "Da-Da!" she repeated, this time maybe a bit annoyed that no one was rushing to pick her up, remove her zippy nightwear, and start her day.... Continue Reading →

Signs of the Times

Laura (pseudonym) was a beloved kindergarten teacher at my school. She had a quiet, confident demeanor and she taught with heart. One colleague said of her, "If you spit in Laura's face, she would still smile at you." Everyone loved Laura, including me. Then one day I discovered what Laura and her husband did every... Continue Reading →

Watch Me!

We Christians are fond of saying, God really showed up. We love to share our God sightings. My personal sightings include the time I was walking to a podium, my heart pounding thunderously, and suddenly I lay eyes on my college speech professor sitting impossibly right in front of me. I had not seen Dr.... Continue Reading →

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