Your Place of Prayer

At my Community Bible Study yesterday we read about Jesus retreating to a "desolate place" to pray.  He was deeply saddened at the death of John the Baptist and we can infer He needed time with His Father to grieve and recharge. The CBS leader shared she has a friend who is fond of asking,... Continue Reading →

Doing versus Being

At 5:30 AM my mother's heels were on the move. Incessant and impatient - as if there was little time to accomplish her tasks.  I'd bury my head in the pillow and try for another hour of sleep. What on earth is she doing?  It certainly wasn't cleaning.  Cooking?  Maybe, since she likely had guests... Continue Reading →

Rethinking Solitude

"Being a mom can be so isolating," Margie shares. The heads of other fresh-faced moms are nodding. Then Christie, of older years, adds, "Just wait till they leave the nest.  That's when you'll really feel isolated."  Several women chuckle. Myself included. Whether you're overwhelmed by non-stop toddlers or transporting pre-teens to impossibly long swim meets... Continue Reading →

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