It Just so Happened…A God Shout Out

I’m sitting on the edge of the examination table, waiting for the doctor’s knock, trying in vain to spread out the paper cover-up now giving way to a generous rip, sweat induced I’m pretty sure.

Today I will find out test results.

I try to picture Jesus sitting on the adjacent stool, but that visualization seems inappropriate for obvious reasons.  My imaginary Jesus is a robust 33 year old carpenter.

There’s a small speaker on the shelf playing background music  – nondescript spa type music designed to reduce my sweating.

Even my feet are moist.  I bet they smell.

Now the music drifts into a tune which actually sounds familiar.  I forget my sweaty toes for the moment.  Could it be?  It’s an instrumental version of a worship song called “I Surrender All”.  The lyrics play in my mind, “All to Jesus, I surrender; I surrender all.”

I smile.  This is an unexpected song to be playing.  My doctor is middle eastern and one would not expect the nurses, patients, or office personnel to be remotely into Jesus.  That is, some wear head coverings; some the full burka.  Photos on the wall feature muslim looking moms and children.

Plus in all my visits to this office – and there have been many – the background music has been just that –  flat and unrecognizable.

My surrender song ends and the spa music returns as normal.

When I get home, I will record this God-sign in my journal where I have a growing list under the title “It Just So Happened…”    IJSH for short.

Of course they can all be explained away as mere coincidences.

Or  they can be shout-outs to a God who’s full of surprises.



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