Seen a burning bush lately?

The host of Moody Radio’s morning show asked, “What’s the fresh thing God is doing in your life?”

A pregnant mom of a 3 year old called  in on her way to work.  She’d been feeling overwhelmed, weary, at the end of her rope.  Then God spoke to her heart.   With two words.  I AM.

I AM all you need.  I AM with you always.  I AM sufficient to take your burden, guide you, minister to you.

When Moses asked, “Whom shall I say sent me?”  God identified Himself —   I AM who I AM.  And to this working mom in 2018 on a drizzly Monday morning, He reiterated. I AM.

Present tense.

God has not (yet) spoken to me via a burning bush.  And thankfully I don’t have to lead a nation through the Red Sea to escape the greatest army in the world.

But God still wants to do fresh things. And He remains I AM.

For me, it can be oh so mundane.

It’s that moment you see a robin plucking out a stubborn worm; it’s that car ride at dusk when the western sky explodes with pink and orange glory among clouds that only a renaissance master could compete with. It’s when that toddler who screams in your arms when you’re volunteering at Sunday School and his mom just dropped him off. You’re saying help me god. And then the sobs subside like Jesus calming the raging Sea of Galilee.

It’s when you share an experience with friends that has you laughing even years later (Cathy, Jeanne, hard boiled eggs on a plane – that’s all I’ll say).

My miracles are indeed small.

But miracles just the same.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 8.20.54 PM

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