A Testimony of Faith and the Power of a Preposition

My testimony of faith is not dramatic.   It is not material for an essay, a book, or a Guidepost Magazine article (the latter having been annoyingly consistent in its rejection of my submissions – which I don’t hold against them. Well, maybe a little.)

My story of faith can be summed up by the preposition, WITH.

Life with God.

This God has recently shown up in the support of prayer warriors, in the hugs of family, in the kindness of friends, and in the form of a long-suffering spouse who folds laundry and creates gourmet meals unasked.

And lest my canine companions take offense… in the snarky face of an aging shih tzu staring you down or in the tilted head of a golden retriever urging you to get your butt outside for a walk – a blustery day notwithstanding.

I recently opened a Bible that was my go-to version 20 years ago. There I saw a quote  – which I’d love to take credit for or include in my next Guidepost  submission – but sadly I cannot claim it.

“I am not moved by what I see. I am moved by what I believe.”


When I see pain all around, when life makes no sense, when tears can’t be stopped- I believe God and His promise to be with me and with those whom I love.

For so He has.

He may not remove the pain – but He shows up in the midst.

Life with God. That is my testimony.

3 thoughts on “A Testimony of Faith and the Power of a Preposition

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  1. This is the most touching message I have read by you. Your words are beautifully written and will be remembered. Thank you for sharing the song. Sends a message of hope and belief.

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