Logs and Specks

The light turned green but the car in front of me didn’t budge.  “Must be on the phone” I grumbled. If I missed this light, I would be late for work.  I envisioned having to rush up the stairs of my elementary school amid the throngs of students, only to see the principal at the top of the stairs.  Giving me a look.

So I beeped my horn.  No, I blared my horn.

And that’s when I saw her.  A woman in a wheelchair struggling to navigate the icy street. The driver ahead of me was not texting.  He was waiting patiently for the woman to pass.

How often do I make assumptions about others?

Instant judgments that fit a story of my own making?

Jesus says that I will be judged in the same manner as I judge others.  And He added that I should not be concerned with the speck in my brother’s eye when there is a log in my own.

Jesus also tells me, the last shall be first.  And he who exalts himself will be humbled while he who humbles himself will be exalted.

It’s all about grace.  Extending and receiving.

Thanks be to God that He extends His people grace….while gently noting a certain unsightly log or two.



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