More Toddler Tales

First a caveat — Biblically speaking, I should not be writing about volunteer work .  Such deeds should be done in secret, keeping your right hand in the dark as to what your left hand is up to. But the truth is — I am quite selfish. In the toddler room at South Park Church, I receive far more than I could ever give.


For my wee little sacrifice of time in Wonderland (isn’t that the perfect descriptor??) —  I receive toddler hugs; I hear stories of courage and faith;  and I who have no musicality get to sing with abandon.  And guess what?  If you sing, “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.  Where?  Down in my heart!” a few times, there IS joy in your heart!


Plus toddlers make great teachers.  (Check out, Big Lessons from Little People.)  And they are hysterical.

Yesterday, Joey (pseudonym), who is just starting to talk, exclaimed — “He’s not dead!”  Meaning Jesus.  Amen to that!

Louie who has a tendency to cry when his mom leaves, looked for me and when I picked him up, he held tight and barely whimpered.  Over the course of the morning, he occasionally abandoned his trucks and toddled over for another hug of reassurance — thus melting my heart.

Then there is the sloppy business of transporting two year olds from our room to the Story room down the hall.  We have a long rope with colored loops that the kids are supposed to hold on to.  The funny part is that some face the wrong way.  And invariably they crowd themselves in the doorway and an adult has to make sure they don’t walk into walls as only a distracted toddler will do.  Once in the hallway, those forward walkers have somehow turned backwards yet again.

Some love pacifiers.  Some bring well loved one eyed, stuffed animals.  But when they are dancing to a song on a video, it’s all action.

Proverbs says, “Those who refresh others are themselves refreshed.”

Two year olds do NOT need refreshing, but I certainly do!




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  1. What a fun read! You are getting me ready to be volunteering with you (don’t tell anyone);) and our one to two year olds again. I can’t wait to hold those who need us when they are sad and crying for their moms and then watching them later in the day forgetting about being detached from mom and going about the room being busy and happy! I’ll be PM you soon for a visit before the summer has past by. Love ya, Sister!

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