3 Things

“Every day my mother would name out loud 3 things she was grateful for. Toward the end of her life, it became increasingly difficult to identify her 3 … but in the midst of tubes and pain, she still managed to give thanks to the God she had followed all her days.”

Grace (pseudonym)  shared this tribute to her mom in a recent CBS (Community Bible Study) meeting and it stuck with me.

What are my 3 things?

It is tempting to default to a place of fear, being in the midst a global pandemic and all.

We are in quarantine until who knows how long.  The stock market gyrates with wild abandon and uncertainty all but consumes us.  Could that slight sore throat be a sign of impending horror?  And did you see that unemployment number?

Today, however, I am choosing to name 3 things.  There are always 3 things.  And Grace’s mom was right – they have to be said out loud.

So here goes.  Thank you, God, that I am not alone.  You are with me.  You have also given me a husband and 2 dogs.

Thank you, God, that I have a roof over my head.

Thank you, God, for “daily bread” – friends who are a call away, Bible verses that bring comfort, uplifting books to read and shows to watch, an exercise bike that beckons me to the basement.  Thank you, God, we have a basement.  And we have one of those bright lights that treat seasonal depression.  We have a washer and dryer that work and boxed pasta to last a lifetime.

3 becomes 30.

What are your 3?   Yes, even now, being in a global pandemic and all.  Number 1 could be to express thanks to God who nudges us toward a place of courage, saying,


Be strong and of good courage.

Do not be afraid nor do not fear.

For the Lord your God

He it is who goes with you.

He will not fail you.

Nor forsake you.

Deuteronomy 31:6





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