The Running Hug

“Can I have a running hug?”

The toddler looks up from her toy box, turns to her dad, and then runs with wild abandon into his open arms. She is lifted up, held tight, and rocked. It lasts but a moment, as toddlers are notoriously busy and she squirms to resume her investigation at hand – forcing round shapes into square holes, eating puzzle pieces, or trying to jump like Tigger, her feet firmly planted on the living room rug.

This running hug reminds me of the story of the prodigal son. The father’s arms are wide open as he waits for his wayward son to return. And when his son does come home, the father meets him with a tight embrace and pure joy.

God the Father waits with open arms and asks us for a running hug. He watches patiently as we attempt our jumps that don’t leave the ground or eat things that are not edible. And when we finally come to our senses, and run into his arms, we are lifted up, held tight, and rocked.

In His arms is peace that the world cannot give, hope that never disappoints, and unconditional love that accepts us just the way we are.

Tigger is bouncing with joy just thinking about this kind of love. It’s what Tiggers do.

Click here for more about your identity as God’s well loved son or daughter.

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