A Trust Fall

Last Sunday during church, Wendy (pseudonym) leaned over to me and whispered a prayer request. Her three-month old grandson was in the hospital, struggling with a respiratory virus. “Please pray!” Then she did something unexpected. She put her hand over her mouth and said these words into her hand, “Lord, I trust you for baby Charlie.”

This past week, there has been a pressing need in my family, and I have stopped myself several times to do what Wendy modeled. I have said aloud, into my hand, “Lord, I trust you for ___.”

Do you have a pressing need? When a life event is beyond your fixing, where will you turn? Who is worthy of your trust?

For me, it is the one God, the creator of all, and the lover of all. The only one who offers peace that exceeds our human understanding, and who holds out strong arms in which to fall.

God may answer our prayer with an immediate parting of the Red Sea, or he may choose to say, “Not yet.”

The same hand into which I said my prayer last week is now joining the other (in the privacy of my bedroom) and is clapping for God, who met my family’s need in his perfect timing – the night before Thanksgiving. No doubt there will be more trying times ahead, but I will cup my hand over my mouth and say, “Lord, I trust you for ___.”

Will you choose to trust him today?

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