Post-It Notes and Mailbox Prayers

Sometimes we are reminded of God’s presence through a brilliant sunset, a waterfall, the moon emerging amid a starry backdrop. Other times these reminders are more obscure, intended just for us

Yesterday I was walking our new puppy through our new neighborhood feeling, well, new. Friendships have been slow to develop and family is in another state. I noticed each house I passed had the same black mailbox in front. To assuage my loneliness, I decided that with each mailbox, I would say a prayer for a family member or a friend or a situation.

That’s when I almost ran into another dog walker. It turns out her two dogs were the same breed as our puppy and we began an easy conversation. She related to all my puppy woes – screaming in the crate, rolling in that-which-should-be-deposited-outside, and lack of sleep. This unexpected human interaction lifted my spirits.

I recently heard the phrase, “holy post-it notes”. Perhaps this woman represented a reminder from God – I am with you. I will never leave you or forsake you. Look for me in mailboxes, on dog walks, and during those 2AM adventures with a puppy’s tiny bladder.

Have you received such a post-it note lately? Perhaps it’s a matter of getting outside our naturally narcissistic brains, to converse with the almighty about family, friends, concerns. And then lifting our eyes to see a sticky reminder of his presence and love.

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