Wearing my mother’s jacket

My mother's closet was as fastidious as she - blazers on one side, slacks on the other, and on the shelf, rows of purses and hats (floppy Florida hats, the pinker, the better.)  Most everything carried a designer label. After mom's memorial service, the women of the family had eyes for her closet. I was... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Kacie, the Cranky Shih Tzu

We call her Kacie-Facie.  Or simply The Face.  I mean, how could you not?  Just look at her! Fifteen years ago, on a sunny day in early May, Alex and I drove to a Denny's parking lot, off the highway, midway between the Indiana breeder and our Chicago home.  We had done our research.  According... Continue Reading →

What’s in YOUR hand?

I think of myself as open, loving, accepting, forgiving, and of course...humble.  Oozing with humility.  Never prone to judging. Well, a mere glimpse into my thought life and this image is dispelled. I make instant judgements regarding others based on a car driven, clothes worn, an accent perceived.  And my petty thoughts do not stop... Continue Reading →

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