The Final Rose – A Letter to Me from Me

Depressed?  Anxious?   Fearful?   In need of wisdom or discernment?  Struggling with a relationship? A job?  A diagnosis? The Bible App has reading plans to address whatever you’re going through.

I just started a 7-day plan entitled “The End of Me” by Kyle Idleman – based on his book of the same title.   On day 1 he writes a letter to himself.  Here’s the abbreviated version.

“Dear Me,

I’ve known you for as long as I can remember.  We have had quite an attachment.  Looking back, it’s fair to say I’ve treated you pretty well. I’ve put you ahead of everything.  I noticed the little things you liked and I went after them.  You loved attention, so I did everything in my power to see that you got it. 

You still like the spotlight, so I’ve maneuvered to keep you in its glare.  I post only pictures that show you at your very best.  When you have struggled I’ve done my best to keep that our little secret.  I’ve tried to make you happy.

As we grew older, I had to be a little more discreet.  You wanted to keep getting your way – all the while looking humble and unassuming.  I’ve said more than a few harsh words on your behalf to certain people.  You never told me I couldn’t unsay what I’ve said. 

I love you, Me.  But I can’t keep living for you.  You always insisted that if I’d just keep you happy, then I’d be happy.  I’ve let you sit in the driver’s seat, but it’s clear you can’t be trusted.  You keep insisting you know the way we should go, but it always seems to be a dead end. 

I’ve looked into some other options and I  have decided to begin a journey down a different path.  It’s narrow and difficult and not many choose it, but it leads to real and abundant life.

There’s no easy way to say this, I can’t take this path if I bring you along.

So, Me, this is the end of you.

Sincerely, Me

The paradox about this life is that the pursuit of happiness does not produce a happy life.  Pleasure maybe, but peace, not one bit.   The Bible is big on metaphors – peace comes when we are clay in the potter’s hands, sheep in the care of a shepherd, in the passenger’s seat rather than the driver’s.

So Me, we need to chat.  It’s time for the Final Rose.  And you didn’t get one.  It’s time to say our good-byes.  And don’t you think for a minute there will be tears in the limo or the prospect of a spin off career in Paradise. 

It’s clear we are full into Colton’s season on the Bachelor –  a guilty pleasure if ever there was one.

And something I am not entirely proud of…

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 8.14.04 AM.png



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