The little blue booklet

My mother spent time with individuals nearing the end, their Florida living rooms sporting a hospital bed, a hospice nurse at the ready.

She was not shy about presenting the Gospel.  And leaving a little blue booklet on  bedside tables.  A booklet containing her favorite promises from God.

Over time mom’s booklets were sprinkled throughout her Florida community – as they have been in my Chicago home.

Sometimes when I feel anxious (which is more often than I care to admit), I reach for my single remaining copy of her blue booklet.

And as I speak the verses out loud, I hear Peggy’s voice, “Let’s go, Barclay.  Just give it to God.”



Peggy’s was a don’t-mess-around kind of faith.  (On Good Friday, if Joseph of Arimathea had not requested of Pontius Pilate to entomb the body of Jesus – and thereby lay the groundwork for the resurrection – Peggy would have gotten the job done.)

Her all-time favorite verse was from Isaiah —  God speaking through the prophet, saying,

“I will go before you and make the rugged places plain.  I will break in pieces the doors of brass and cut asunder the doors of iron, and I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, that you may know that I am the Lord who calls you by name.”


God called Peggy’s name – just as He calls mine.

And is calling your’s.


Lord, may we hear your voice and open our hearts to your presence.  Thank you for going before us and making rugged places plain.  Amen

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