Praying Big

God, I pray with expectation that you will…

I used to think prayers like this were presumptuous, even manipulative. He is God after all.

But then I got to thinking…

Jesus criticized those who doubted God’s miraculous power – “Oh ye of little faith” he called them. And  when Jesus did perform a miracle, he often added, “may it be according to your faith.”

And how about David going out to meet the giant Goliath, against all odds, yet declaring,  “This day the Lord will hand you over to me, and I’ll strike you down!”

That’s bold faith in action.

And what is faith, if not the belief that (1) God is all-powerful; (2) He is our good and compassionate Father; and (3) and He does work everything out for our good.

Jesus told the story of a widow who pleaded her case before an unjust judge who kept denying her request.  Finally the judge relinquished, not out of compassion but as a result of the woman’s persistence.  Jesus seems to be saying that we should be praying with expectation, faith, and persistence.

So let’s pray “big-ly” with faith and persistence about our Goliath-size problems.

For friends battling cancer.  For premie babies in the NICU.    For spiritual renewal.  For safety and provision.  For all whom we love.

Father God, Thank you for hearing our prayers.  We bring our requests before you  with great expectation and faith –  knowing that ALL things are possible with you. Thank you for holding our hand through valleys and granting us the hope of heaven and joy in your presence.  




4 thoughts on “Praying Big

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  1. I love your writing. It is so from the depths of your soul dear friend. Your faith and devotion gives me inspiration and hope.


  2. I was teaching about Joshua to my Sunday School class, and Joshua has such faith that he asked God to stop the sun and the moon from moving so they had more time to fight the battle, and God answered his prayer and gave them victory. How amazing is that. Our God is great.


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