Trusting God in the Face of Garbage Cans

When the sun is shining, when relationships are sailing, when CostCo has restocked its Kirkland pinot noir from Oregon – that’s when I am all-in with God – praising, humming, brimming with spiritual contentment.

But when life takes a turn, or as someone recently put it,  “When life throws garbage cans in your path,” my level of trust has been known to ebb.

Where are you, God?  

Recently, however, a simple hand motion has deepened my trust in the Lord, even in the face of stinky garbage cans.

My friend’s daughter, Suzie (pseudonym), is well versed in sign language.  My friend asked her to demonstrate how to sign Bible verses using gestures simple enough for use in our two-year old CBS (Community Bible Study) class.

Our current verse is from Psalm 119.  “I will trust in your Word.”

When we say the word, TRUST, we grip our fists, one on top of another, as if grabbing onto a rope outstretched vertically before us.

Now whenever my mind gets mired in negativity inspired by a spiral of  “what-if’s”,  I apply this action — literally -at stoplights, on my bed in the wee hours, or simply while praying.

Because placing ones trust in God is an action.   A choice.

And there is no stronger rope.

For God is THE source of strength, hope, peace, and rest.  Our rock and fortress. Our shelter. Our Rope.



Thank you for extending your rope, now and forever.  May we cling always to You.   


“Trust in You” by Lauren Daigle (ASL cover)



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