What’s in YOUR hand?

I think of myself as open, loving, accepting, forgiving, and of course...humble.  Oozing with humility.  Never prone to judging. Well, a mere glimpse into my thought life and this image is dispelled. I make instant judgements regarding others based on a car driven, clothes worn, an accent perceived.  And my petty thoughts do not stop... Continue Reading →

The More-Prayer and a Happy Dance

I can still see the white pillowcase stuffed with rocks and ragged squares of torn sheets. She would carry it over her shoulder in Santa Clause fashion and plop it on the classroom table. "This is SO heavy!" my mom would exclaim.  "What on earth is  inside?!" She would take out the first rock and unwrap... Continue Reading →

Vulnerability – Weakness as Strength

It takes courage to be vulnerable, to look shame directly in the eye without so much as a blink. After all, who really wants to take emotional risks — even with ourselves, much less a judgmental, unsafe world? Yet this is just what researcher Brene Brown advocates in her viral Ted Talks and best-selling books.... Continue Reading →

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